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The Sacrifice Trilogy

The Medjai have always been protector of man and warrior for god, but what happens when those two duties come into conflict? The Sacrifice Trilogy takes you beyond the notion of good and evil; beyond love and hate; beyond even life and death into a world filled with ancient curses, manifest gods and the power to see behind what is bound by time and space. The beginning of the Trilogy is set approximately 2 years after The Mummy Returns and events span about six years in the time of the stories, but also encompass episodes in the distant and recent past of both hero and villain. Beloved as well as new characters come together to bring deadly conflict to the world of the Medjai and to great desert sands of Egypt herself.


An ancient custom forces Ardeth aside from the woman he cannot admit he loves and brings him to accept a union with a dreamer who has saved his life. Will that custom prove to be the death of them all? This story is set in the time between The Mummy and The Mummy Returns and perhaps goes some way to explaining how Ardeth and Loch Nah knew each other when they met in the O'Connell's house.


There are many questions... and for once Ardeth Bay finds himself with no answers as a woman comes into his life that will change the fate of the Medjai for all eternity... The story contains many flashbacks to Ardeth's life as a younger man and is set between The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

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