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Like most fans of the show, I would imagine, I felt very disappointed with that TPTB did with the 'ending' of Enterprise and have chosen to disregard the 98th episode - well, almost - I have a full season's worth of stories planned, twenty four in all, and they're currently being written. I'm certain there are other virtual seasons of Enterprise out there in cyberspace. Some may even be unofficially official. However, as a writer, I donít believe this should discourage others from having their own ideas about things. What is presented here, therefore, is my own continuation from where the TV show left off.

I mentioned the stories are still being written? When they are live, you'll be able to click on the images to go to each story. Each story that's written will get a proper poster (as on the Mummy pages). Right now I'm teasing you with synopses. This is the way I see it happening at the moment, but all that is subject to change of course. As it says at the bottom of the page - pardon our construction.

Please note: to access any story or chapter, you must click on the rating symbol. As always, the discretion of the reader will dictate their adherence to the rating restrictions and while cannot police the internet, we ask readers to respect those boundaries.

Persistence Part I

After several months, the crew of Enterprise are recalled to active duty to deal with an apparent spate of piracy in and around the Sol System. Lt. Reed must command Enterprise to pick up the rest of the crew.

Persistence Part II

En route to rendezvous with The Horizon, Enterprise comes under attack. Apparently it is the last but persistent vestiges of Terra Prime ~ or so it first seems, but as time goes by the truth reveals a much more disturbing scenario.

Strange New Worlds

Sent to investigate aggressive influences over the member races of the coalition, the crew of Enterprise make planetfall on a world not on any race's star charts, and certainly not in the Vulcan database - and whilst exploring, little by little, they discover the reason why.

Chapter 98

Investigating a strange life-pod, the crew of Enterprise find nothing aboard but a simple book. Analysing the book, T'Pol becomes prey to disturing dreams ~ visions of a terrifying future ~ and begins to try and find a way, any way to avert the prophetic vision... but even after the book is gone, the fear remains.

By Moonlight

With the crew on an alien world while vital repairs are carried out to Enterprise's environmental systems, the crew are prey to a race of aliens bent on providing hosts for their masters. Investigations lead to the discovery that they are not the only victims, and it falls to Lt. Reed to intervene to save the natives, his crew and maybe Earth itself from a new threat.


An EVA goes terribly wrong when Trip's tether frays and snaps. He is cast far from the ship and caught in the gravity well of a micro-singularity. His Enterprise crew mates must rescue him before he is pounded against the gathering space debris.

Cultural Identity

The crew of Enterprise find themselves courting trouble when they explore a planet with very different cultural mores. Many aboard must re-examine their own cultures and one crew member runs the risk of falling foul of indiginous cultural taboos.

The Host Part I

Answering a distress call, the crew of Enterprise find themselves in a desperate race against time to bring a wounded alien back to her own world. However someone aboard seems to have other plans.

The Host Part II

Reed must investigate while Phlox desperately tries to perform the complex procedure to save the alien's consciousness for long enough to complete the journey. But is anyone aboard the ship able to play host to such a life form?

Freedom Fighter

Enterprise's away team find themselves getting into trouble when they side with a rebel faction on world they are visiting, where freedom of the individula is non-existant in response to fears from the world's long distant history.

The Keeper

With My Little Eye

In A Mirror, Darkly, Part III

Emperor's Mirror



Truth or Dare

Living Between Dreams

Bad Penny

Glass Houses

Court Marshall

Pon Farr


...Not Forgotten

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