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By the end of the Fourth season of SG:A I pretty much knew that I wasn't really going to like the way season 5 developed. That turned out to be an understatement. However, in the February of the year in which season 5 began to air, inspiration (or madness depending on your point of view), struck and I decided that I would write my own Virtual Season 5. The first story in my VS was posted before Search and Rescue aired, and in the may of 2008 this website was created to be the home for the virtual season.

A/N: All stories in the Virtual Season have been beta-read by GoSpikey whose skill, hard work and dedication is second-to-none, and is much appreciated. Many Thanks, Spikey!

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With the team still trapped in what remains of Michael's compound, and Teyla still in Michael's hands, Colonel Carter must hurry to rescue them before the game of 'Lantean in the middle' takes an even more deadly turn. So when someone asks, "How much worse can it get?" you just know that things are not going to go according to plan.

When the IOA replaces Carter as the head of the Atlantis Expedition, and the first thing that happens is the alienation of long standing allies, in spite of Sheppard's best efforts, trouble can't be far behind. Woolsey's command is given a baptism of fire when the Alpha team is ambushed off world, and hampered by a lack of intel they truly are on their own.

As the team continues to battle a powerful Wraith faction, Teyla wakes in the infirmary on Atlantis. She has no memory of what Michael has done to her; knows only one thing... he has her son. Upset by repeated attempts at debriefing, because she cannot - or will not, as certain expedition members insist - tell them what happened, what will she do when Woolsey pushes her too hard... too far?

The conflict escalates between the Wraith, Michael's army, and the Atlantis expedition. The stakes have never been higher for any of them, nor the price of failure more costly. Teyla must fight to find her way to the truth, while others find the truth concealed from them, and two powerful enemies come to blows when one is forced to assume the mantle of the other.

Atlantis' new member of staff proves to be an unwelcome interference in verifying disturbing Intel on the Wraith. Sheppard's regular contact, kept too busy by his Queen, is of no use and, already frayed, tempers reach boiling point. Teyla participates in a potentially deadly meditation to unlock her memory. Will she discover the truth is a key to freedom and will she still hear a desperate cry for help?

Ronon receives what he believes is a call for help from Teyla's people and, rushing to help, he finds the settlement destroyed, and Teyla herself in the hands of the enemy. It falls to him to save her from the darkest of fates, but in doing so, will Ronon be able to save himself from ghosts of past and present, and will what's left of the team, caught up in events, be able to avert disaster?

Cornered in a narrow gully on a planet with three Stargates, Ronon, Mckay and Sheppard find their only escape is through the third Gate. What they find as they step through the wormhole is not at all what they expected and with everything, stacked against them, how will they manage to find their way safely back to 'Kansas'?

Keller works with Todd to cure Sheppard, but the research reveals a questionable course of action, wherein ethics and loyalties become strained. With expedition teams caught in the escalating conflict between Michael's forces and the strengthening Wraith Alliance, some in the team begin wondering just how much of what they saw in the alternate universe could come to pass in their own.

When Teyla learns that Michael is in Wraith hands many old feelings surface, and hoping to bring herself peace, she returns to Atlantis to ask for help in ending her conflict once and for all. Sheppard and the team join her in the mission to recapture Michael from the Hive, but things go terribly wrong, and though Teyla's struggle is ended, it is not at all in the way that anyone intends.

Sheppard and the others relentlessly pursue the Hive responsible for the destruction of the Elder Hive and Teyla's death, believing Todd to be behind the attack. The Elder Queen and her Wraith struggle to rebuild after their crushing defeat. Meanwhile, Michael begins to undo the harm he suffered in Wraith captivity, and to formulate the next step in his plan for The Cause. Each must decide where lie their true loyalties, and for some, that means irrevocable change

Sheppard and the others aboard the Daedalus relentlessly pursue those he feels responsible for the death of their lost companion. Meanwhile Michael, under threat from the Wraith has gone to ground in order to keep Teyla safe. Back on Atlantis, Beckett grows increasingly more worried for Keller, and prepares to take an utlimate, personal risk in order to save her.

On the brink of death, Todd risks an untested serum and is thrust into a spiral of madness and instinct. Meanwhile, Kenny must persuade the inhospitable Wraith Sentinels to transfer the Queen's young to the Nursery facility. On Atlantis, Haddad continues the desperate race to save Keller, that may lead her to follow Beckett into the deepest peril she has yet faced. (WARNING: Contains Non-con essential to the story.)

Wraith Hives gather in a system under the protection of Atlantis and when Ronon returns with refugees, the team has no choice but to investigate. Meanwhile, Beckett returns from Michael with a treatment that could save Keller and discovers the disturbing truth behind her condition - a truth that Michael had diagnosed, and Haddad, still facing issues of her own, had guessed. When matters come to a head, who will be left standing?

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